Wednesday, July 22, 2009

riding the mower

Two days ago, I got out on the mower to mow the lawn again. Noah and Ally both like to ride with me for a little while, then they get tired and get off. This day, Noah got on with me as soon as I got started and rode for several laps around the backyard. He was barely sitting on the front edge of the seat in front of me, kind of standing while leaning back. I thought it would be more fun for him to steer (with a little help, of course) and put his hands on the steering wheel. It seemed like every time we made a turn he would let go, so I would put his hands back on the wheel. I also gently pushed the back of his head up against me, so that when we went over bumps, his head wouldn't bounce anymore. After making several rounds like this, I looked down and realized that he was about out of it!! His eyes were closed and he was trying to sleep! The poor thing! No wonder he kept letting go of the wheel. I don't know how he continued to stand there. I lifted him up and placed him on my lap. Then he went from my lap to over my shoulder. I finally decided to take him in. :) My poor baby was exhausted!!!


Pilar said...

so sweet :)!

Miss you guys!