Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pet Turtles

Noah and Ally got pet turtles this past weekend. ...I'm already wishing they hadn't. I am really hoping that these don't turn out like our pets in the past. The poor kids can't keep a pet! :) We have bought 3 dogs since Ally was born and they were either sold or given away because we realized that none of us gave them the attention that they needed. The kids promised to, in the beginning, and then the dogs either jumped on them and scratched them, which they couldn't handle, or they just lost interest. Anyway, I was talked into getting Noah some sort of pet because he keeps trying to make bugs and worms a part of our family. We started out thinking that we would get them each a tiny turtle, a little aquarium and setup for about $20 a piece. Wrong! We found out that it's illegal to sell turtles smaller than 4" in Alabama. The 4" ones were $20 each, just for the turtle, but no one had any left. We finally found one place that had 3, but they were $30 each! So, two 4-5" turtles, and an aquarium. Then we went to buy rocks and things for the aquarium, and found out that turtles must have complete water for swimming and complete dry land for basking. We finally found a way to slope the rocks to make both. After talking with a pet store employee, we also found out that they need a heat lamp andUVB lighting! Ugh! Oh, and the original aquarium that we bought did not have a pump, so we returned it and got one that does. I forgot to mentioned that after we bought them, we found out why it's illegal to sell them smaller than 4". Turtles can carry and transmit salmonella! Yay! :( ...and my biggest concern was somehow killing the turtle!!? Well, the aquarium has been set up, a swimming pool and tanning salon added, and we've found that the pump does not reach the water! By the way, "Charlie" and "Trixie Ann" were purchased by Ally and Noah with their own money and the help of their Grammi (who also bought the aquarium kit). So, it's a little harder to give up on these pets! I will keep you updated on their survival in the Gentry home. Just please pray with me that Charlie and Trixie Ann don't ever become parents!

I will post a picture of them later.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ally and I went out this past weekend to look for some new locations to take pictures. She is my little model. :) I don't have to tell her much. In fact, she kept pointing out spots and poses, and I pretty much just followed her around while she went from pose to pose. :) I have a feeling that someday, she and I will be shooting together. Maybe Noah will model for us. LOL!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New job

Some of you may know this.  Some of you may not.  I recently traded being a bank teller (which I have been on and off for about 7 years now) for being a teacher!  I love it!  I will be teaching pre-k 4-year-olds this fall at a christian school very close to my home.  Noah will be attending the school there, and possibly even Ally.  For now, I am teaching the arts/crafts for the summer daycare there.  Love that too! :)

Although I am working everyday now, instead of just 2 days a week, I am off by noon!  The kids are there, and I even get to see them most of the morning.  This job is such an answer to prayer!