Monday, July 13, 2009

the dentist visit

Today was art day at work. We have field trips 3 days a week, and since I am one of the drivers, we usually only have art twice a week. Since I had a few kids tell me that they weren't here for some of our crafts, I pulled out all of my leftovers from the previous weeks, and allowed each of them to use those and other craft materials to make whatever they wanted. We had some make caterpillars, purses, crosses, family trees and several other interesting things. They really enjoyed it I think.

As soon as I got off at noon, we headed to the dentist's office. Noah has one cavity. Ally will be in braces in about five years. Ugh! That's something that I know very little about, and I am not really looking forward to.

Ok, I'm off to get some cleaning done before dinner.


Pilar said...

I haven't tken my kids to the dentist yet.... it is probably bad but I am not looking forward getting all the problems dentist usually give :)