Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well, Ally is half-way through her soccer season. She has begged since last year to play soccer (something that Matthew and I knew very little about). Matthew was involved with baseball, football, karate and more growing up, but never soccer. We finally signed her up, excited that she, as a kindergartener, would only practice/play on Saturday mornings. We felt that this was a good start for her. Not too busy of a schedule, and only for 7 weeks. They focus more on having fun and working together as a team. The first game was ...interesting! :) I'm not sure if she just didn't know what she was supposed to do, or was a little scared of kicking the ball (or other players!). :) Her second game was much better. COLD...but better! She actually ran around a little bit and even kicked the ball. These last two games have been fun to watch. Although, last week was quite warm, and I had forgotten that Ally doesn't care too much for the heat!! :) I asked her the other day if she thought she would play again next year. She's not sure. We'll see!

There are other girls playing too, but I think some of them are off picking flowers. :)