Wednesday, March 18, 2009

our spring break so far

Well, we are halfway through our spring break. We didn't plan anything big for this week, but Matthew did decide at the last minute to take a couple of days off. Since I work on Mondays and Fridays, he took off yesterday and today. Yesterday morning, we went fishing. He and the kids have been waiting for it to get warm enough to go. I didn't do much fishing, but did take quite a bit of pictures. No fish, but we all had fun anyway.

Matthew wasn't very into taking pictures. :) He was concentrating on his fishing!

After we left the lake, we went to a park where Matthew continued fishing and Ally and I took some fun pictures.

Today we planned to get out and take some family pictures. That didn't happen. Instead, we slept in, then made omelets for brunch and ended up renting a movie and just spent time as a family. It's been beautiful the past couple of days, so just being off from school and work, and enjoying the weather together has been great!

Noah found a ladybug and made it his pet. He named it "Marley". He really loved Marley. He panicked when he thought he had lost "her" (Ally says that she thinks it is a male because of it's color). Anyway, they both searched for Marley for several minutes before Ally Grace found her on Noah's shirt. Whew!!! Noah was very happy....but not for long. We found Marley on the kitchen floor and Noah confessed that he had "mooshed" her. Bye bye, Marley. I'm sure it won't take him long to find another pet. :)

Ally opened her own store. "Stan (stain) And Fix". Her bedroom door is covered in homemade signs. Matthew and I both attended her grand opening and received several discounts, freebies and a $100 coupon for our next visit. :) That's a lot of stains!! I mean "stans"! She loves playing store and office.

(if you click on the photos above, you might be able to read her signs)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

enjoying the weather

This week has been beautiful!! The kids loved playing outside in the warmer weather! I can't wait for it to stay that way!

Ally starts posing whenever I pull out the camera! She is growing up way too fast!!! She is such a sweet and special little girl!

Noah and I spent all afternoon outside yesterday. We played baseball, played with sidewalk chalk and he got several wagon rides.